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"I went to Dr. Pape when I was 3 months pregnant and experiencing severe low back pain and sciatica. She was amazing, and my pain went away within the first 2 treatment sessions! Throughout the remainder of my pregnancy, she was able to keep me pain free. I couldn't be happier with my experience with Dr. Pape!"

                                                                                          – Maria S.

"The front desk staff are a pleasure at each and every visit. They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and cared for. I enjoy seeing them at every visit. It is the high point of my day!"                                                             – Susan H.

"At 37, I came to Dr. Pape with lower back pain from an injury that reduced my active lifestyle to mere coping with pain. I was barely able to tie my own shoes and was in pain in every position except for laying down. After seeing Dr. Pape for two weeks, I was beginning to feel like my old self.  And now after over a year (with no surgery), I HAVE NO BACK PAIN AT ALL!  Thank you, Dr. Pape!"

                                                                                            - A.S.

"I became a member of Pape Chiropractic & Wellness Center Weight Loss Clinic in the summer of 2019. The extremely friendly and supportive staff helped in my amazing weight loss journey. Today I am 112 pounds lighter, and have never felt better! Thank you, Dr. Pape and staff, for changing my life."        -M.F.

"Dr. Pape has created trust and respect in me for the chiropractic profession. Before seeing her, I had doubts about chiropractic manipulation. I walked in with sciatica and was pleased with her treatment plan for me and now keep regular appointments to keep it under control. She and her staff are at the top of the professional scale when it comes to customer care."                                                      – C.P.

"Outstanding care. Very personable. Very knowledgeable in her field."     – J.C.

5 Star Review   (A+ BBB Ratings System Overview)
     "I was referred to Dr. Pape by my orthopedic surgeon due to years of chronic low back pain and disc related pains. After consulting with two other surgeons, both of which highly recommended spinal surgery, I was happy to try a more holistic approach. After 2 weeks of care with Dr. Pape my pain went from a 9/10 to a 2/10! Not only was I thrilled to be out of pain and resuming my regular day to day activities (which I have been unable to perform for almost 2 years!), but I could not be happier that I did not go through with a surgical procedure that I do not need at this point in time. Thank you so very much, Dr. Pape! You truly changed my life for the better."
                                                                                    – Pain Free, Old Saybrook, CT 

Happy athlete
     "I have been going to a chiropractor for over 20 years, and have yet to find someone who utilizes the techniques that Dr. Pape does. I came to her with a running injury that would not seem to heal. Not only did she take the time to administer a full exam on me prior to treatment, but she spent more time working on me than any chiropractor ever has! She is the exact opposite of your typical "whack 'em, crack 'em" chiropractor. Within one week I was able to begin running again due to her treatment and nutritional counsel. I am extremely pleased with all she has done for me, and will continue to be a patient of hers as long as she is in practice. I now have my whole family going to her (including my 3 month old son)!"
                                                                                        – Happy athlete, Niantic, CT  

Great with my kids
      "Dr. Pape is very good with my two girls. One was having a problem with chronic headaches (11 yr old) and the other was having shoulder pain (9 yr old). Dr. Pape is an excellent listener. She is very professional while being personable also. 
      "Both of my children are active soccer and softball players. My 11 yr old has had chronic leg and ankle pain for years. Even though our pediatrician is an osteopath and we also had her see a physical therapist, Dr. Pape was the only one to figure out what was really going on. She is thorough but honest. My 9 year old only needed a couple appointments and she didn't try to milk it. 
     "I highly recommend Dr. Pape."
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Feeling healthy again
     "I was having chronic low back pain and when my went back out, I really couldn't do much at all.  I was taking a lot of ibuprofen to get through the day. I have horses and it was tough just taking care of them. I couldn't ride at all. 
     "I had previously been to other doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists who all said different things about my back, but their treatments didn't give me lasting relief.
    " After examining me and the x-rays, Dr. Pape told me the truth about my back and my health. She adjusted me, and taught me how to do flexing, stabilizing and strengthening exercises. I continue to get periodic adjustments and do the exercises every day. Now I am pain-free and riding my horse. I'm in my 60s, and not taking any pain relievers.
It was Dr. Pape's knowledge that helped me feel healthy again.
    " I would recommend Dr. Pape to anyone."
                                                                                         – J. White  

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